The Media versus the Apprentice

Alberto A. Martinez

Donald Trump at Trump Tower on September 3, 2015. Photo Credit: Michael Vadon


This website features the draft of a book titled The Media versus the Apprentice. Here are the drafts of the chapters available to date. Any feedback is welcome, helpful, and very useful. You may please post it in the comments under each section, or contact the author directly.

The author is Alberto A. Martínez, a professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. He’s originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is the author of four books that have been published by Princeton University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, and the University of Pittsburgh Press. A fifth book is forthcoming from Reaktion Books. The sixth, below, is presently available in manuscript form. Martínez can be contacted through his email address listed in the link above.


The Media versus the Apprentice

Alberto A. Martínez



  1.  INTRO: How the media portrays the Devil
  2.  How they scared us about Hillary and Donald
  3.  How the media used Trump to insult Mexicans
  4.  Trump praised Mexicans a hundred times
  5.  “He’s a hero because he was captured”
  6.  The ugly words of Megyn, Donald, and Rosie
  7.  Attack dogs at the Huffington Post?
  8.  “The Face of a Dog!” No, not really.
  9.  “There was blood coming out of her eyes…”
  10.  Who would vote for that face?
  11.  The myth of the Muslim database
  12.  How many people celebrated in New Jersey on 9/11?
  13.  No, Trump didn’t mock that disability
  14.  Trump’s pledge to kill innocent people
  15.  The Muslim ban
  16.  “she got schlonged, she lost…”
  17.  Romney calls Trump “a phony, a fraud”
  18.  Did Trump not rent to black people?
  19.  Fred Trump and the KKK
  20.  The Donald and “the Blacks”
  21.  The myth of Trump and the KKK
  22.  The Mexican judge
  23.  “When you’re a star they let you do it.”
  24.   The serial rapist?
  25.   Analysis and Conclusion



13 Comments on The Media versus the Apprentice

  1. he’s been in office for 5 months now, has the media gotten any better? Or maybe he’s gotten worse than during the campaign.
    it’s really a love/hate relationship between them. I’m sure he still sits in bed in the morning reading news clippings about himself like he used to. And he won in getting the media people to do they same thing, they just can’t ignore him now and they feed off of him.

  2. where’s your take on Curiel? what about when the Muslim father called him out at the DNC convention? And also the time when the NYT had a front page story about women that he harassed but then the women said it wasn’t like that.

  3. and the deplorables won– was it because of the media? did Megan Kelly and Don Lemon give Trump the white house?

    i think they tried to stop him but tried to hard and it’s interesting that he won without help from big name Republicans but with a lot of help from small sections of the media: Fox, Bannon’s Breitbart and Kushner’s Observer. I’d bet they despite their disrepute in washington and academia became more powerful in the US than something like cbs news or cnn. It’s no surprise that they now turn to try censorship like monitor or label fake news or silence so-called hate-speech just to stop the onslaught online, the loss of viewers. Nobody hates and fears youtube and the alternative media more than the Big Corporations because now people can become stars or influential by their own merits and personalities, not because some square group of rich white executives just put that person on a pedestal.

  4. Not only do the media freely interpret remarks made by the president, but they also spin tales of White House confusion, disloyalty, and inefficiency again and again. President Trump is not responsible for the devastation in Puerto Rico; the hurricane is and no magic can fix things in a few weeks. For instance. The long term consequences of this media blitz of our elected officials and the president weakens the global image of America and all its citizenry. I hope your book will have a real effect in changing this media bias, so evident everywhere. I supported Bernie Sanders.

  5. So many more than just these. When Trump says “Fake news” this is what I interpret him to mean – making news stories out of convolution of facts to fit a story they want to report. I rarely follow politics because it makes my stomach churn. However, two stories I did hear that infuriated me because of BLATANT misrepresentation: #1 – Trump called Condoleeza Rice a “bitch” – stories came out in October 2016 about a speech made in 2006 – when what he ACTUALLY said was: “I wish she was a bitch. I don’t care if she’s a lovely woman. I want somebody that can go and make deals. She goes to countries, nothing ever happens. Except sound bytes.” And #2 – Trump implied Franklin Douglass was alive story in Feb 2017: “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and [whose impact] is being recognized more and more, I notice.” How hard is that to understand??? I added in the [whose impact] part but to me it WAS OBVIOUS what was meant. Look, the guy is not a polished politician and says stupid things. He should not use Twitter. I do not like his style and am a Libertarian who supports some of his platform but not all. I am someone who wants FACTS without emotion clouding them so I can make my own decisions and when the media does this twisting, they lose credibility with me and make it hard for me to know where to go for valid data. I look forward to your book!

  6. One thing I meant to put in my comment before that blew my mind. Because of the mainstream twisting of words, Trump is being called a misogynist, racist, etc. and people believe that. He may be but I have not seen anything that supports any of those statements 100% as your articles show. One of the “examples” a relatively intelligent person I know, brought up last December was that “Trump said the ‘dirtiest’ and ‘thieve-ist’ Mexicans come from Puerto Rico.” – which was not true and was reported in a satirical story from “The Farce Report”… but was believed by this person because it fit into what she heard from the media. I did not know better to refute this at the time so I researched it. I was shocked when I found out it was satire that she *believed* and when I sent her the information she still would not believe that Trump was not a racist…

  7. Well said Shelli. We expect facts not misleading messages. In my family, twisted messages or partial truth are considered lies and deceits.

  8. Professor: Your book is intriguing and offers people a chance to be educated and reasonable before jumping to emotional conclusions about the media’s bias and mis-leading feed to the public. Some people find it easier to CHOOSE to believe the negative despite any research or intelligent information. Thank you and I share this website with other people who need to read it. Thank you for your work.

  9. Near the end of the Bush admin, I noticed changes in media reporting. I decided to record all 3 major news outlets and watch portions of each equally. I was surprised at what I was witnessing. I call it free range reporting (encouraging independence, without supervision or fact checking.) As I watch a story on one network, I would find that same story on the other 2 networks and what I found was this:
    1) All 3 networks state their opinions, not the facts.
    2) All 3 edit audio and video clips to twist the story in a direction that fits their agenda.
    3) To influence the public: Fox reports all stories but employs a positive or negative spin. MSNBC and CNN don’t even bother to report stories if they can’t figure out how to spin it in their direction.
    4) CNN & MSNBC, respectively, use the most hate speech.
    5) Fox wins the award for interviewing the most people of color on racial stories – “If an African American is saying this, all AF’s must have the same opinion.”

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