The Media versus the Apprentice

Alberto A. Martinez

Donald Trump at Trump Tower on September 3, 2015. Photo Credit: Michael Vadon


This website features the draft of a book titled The Media versus the Apprentice. Here are the drafts of the chapters available to date. Any feedback is welcome, helpful, and very useful. You may please post it in the comments under each section.


The Media versus the Apprentice

Alberto A. Martínez



  1.  INTRO: How the media portrays the Devil
  2.  How they scared us about Hillary and Donald
  3.  How the media used Trump to insult Mexicans
  4.  Trump praised Mexicans a hundred times
  5.  “He’s a hero because he was captured”
  6.  The ugly words of Megyn, Donald, and Rosie
  7.  Attack dogs at the Huffington Post?
  8.  “The Face of a Dog!” No, not really.
  9.  “There was blood coming out of her eyes…”
  10.  Who would vote for that face?
  11.  The myth of the Muslim database
  12.  How many people celebrated in New Jersey on 9/11?
  13.  No, Trump didn’t mock that disability
  14.  Trump’s pledge to kill innocent people
  15.  The Muslim ban
  16.  “she got schlonged, she lost…”
  17.  Romney calls Trump “a phony, a fraud”
  18.  Did Trump not rent to black people?
  19.  Fred Trump and the KKK
  20.  The Donald and “the Blacks”
  21.  The myth of Trump and the KKK
  22.  The Mexican judge
  23.  “When you’re a star they let you do it.”
  24.   The serial rapist?
  25.   Analysis and Conclusion



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