The NEW STANDARD PRESS is an online news and opinion magazine. It differs from ordinary news media in the following ways. The goal is to publish news analysis articles about topics that lack evidence-based analysis in other news sources. Too often reporters simply don’t have the time or interest to fairly analyze an event, but instead rush to write what are essentially arbitrary opinion pieces.  The NEW STANDARD PRESS is not part of the constant 24-hour news cycle, which feeds itself with quick reactions to trivia, speculation and predictions. Instead, it gives supplementary content that helps to understand what the mainstream media omits.

The NEW STANDARD PRESS is nonpartisan. Contrary to other news analysis magazines, we do not mean to insinuate anything. We reject all code words, “dog whistles,” subliminal messaging, etc. If something is not overtly stated by an author, then the author or NEW STANDARD PRESS do not mean to suggest or imply it. Accordingly, some of our articles show how news commentators misinterpret statements in awful ways by “reading between the lines.” Our authors are welcome to state their views frankly, but are encouraged to focus on evidence and analysis. The views voiced by any one author do not necessarily match the views of the NEW STANDARD PRESS.

Much of the content about Trump and the elections will eventually be part of a book, titled: The Media Versus the Apprentice, by Alberto A. Martínez. The material is posted here in order to test it and generate feedback, in order to improve it.

Editor:   Edward J. Acosta

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Writers:  Richard Breslin, Ben Lee David, John Farina, Nathan Gibson, Alberto Martínez, Keith Randall

Photos:  Gage Skidmore, Darron Birgenheier, Alberto Martínez, Mark Nozell, Chad J. McNeely, Michael Vadon


Some of the articles included in New Standard Press were previously published in: Arizona Republic (AZ), Salon (CA), The Coloradoan (CO), The Chronicle of Higher Education (DC), DelawareOnline (DE), Iowa City Press-Citizen (IA), Vita (ITALY), Louisville Courier Journal (KY), Springfield News-Leader (MO), Star Gazette (NY), Cincinnati Enquirer (OH), Knoxville News Sentinel (TN), Austin American-Statesman (TX), The Daily Texan (TX), Texas Perspectives (TX), Not Even Past (TX), The Houston Chronicle (TX), Corpus Christi Caller Times (TX), Intellihub (TX), Waco Tribune Herald (TX), The USA Today Network (VA), Burlington Free Press (VT), Green Bay Press Gazette (WI), and the Wausau Daily Herald (WI).